How to delete a table and its records in MS Access .mdb database?

Tables, queries, records, primary keys, foreign keys are integral part of MS Access database. Removing superfluous data is a good housekeeping strategy that all users of a database should practice. Removing obsolete or incorrect data helps in keeping a database easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain condition.

Sometimes you feel the need to delete a table and its records too in Access .mdb database. Deleting a table does not delete related tables or related records from the database. However, if the table is related to other tables at the time that you delete it, the delete operation deletes the relationship between that table and any other tables.

Like, if you delete the Employee table, and if the table is related to the Address table, the relationship between the Employee table and Address table is deleted along with the Employee table, but the Address table is left untouched.

  1. To delete the table and all its contents from a database, select the table in the Database window and press DELETE.

  2. When you are prompted to confirm, click Yes.

  3. If the table is related to other tables, you see the warning message.

  4. Click ‘Yes’ to delete the relationship between the tables.

This results in deletion of table, its contents, and all of its relationships, from MS Access database.

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